Team Hello LilleTeam Hello Lille
©Team Hello Lille|Laurent Javoy - Hello Lille


Francois NavarroFrancois Navarro
©Francois Navarro
François Navarro
General Manager
Jill GallienJill Gallien
©Jill Gallien
Jill Gallien
Administration/Finance/Human Resources Manager


Maxime VermeulenMaxime Vermeulen
©Maxime Vermeulen
Maxime Vermeulen
Invest Director
Karine PietrzakKarine Pietrzak
©Karine Pietrzak
Karine Pietrzak
Implementation consulting
Sophie DupontSophie Dupont
©Sophie Dupont
Sophie Dupont
Implementation consulting
Fabienne Duong 1Fabienne Duong 1
©Fabienne Duong 1
Fabienne Duong
Implementation consulting
Thomas HayamThomas Hayam
©Thomas Hayam
Thomas Hayam
Implementation consulting
Gwendoline DewulfGwendoline Dewulf
©Gwendoline Dewulf
Gwendoline Dewulf
Project Manager

Leisure and business tourism

Marie Catherine VidalMarie Catherine Vidal
©Marie Catherine Vidal
Marie-Catherine Vidal
Director, Convention Bureau
Nathalie LignierNathalie Lignier
©Nathalie Lignier
Nathalie Lignier
MICE Manager
Selic LenneSelic Lenne
©Selic Lenne
Sélic Lenne
Destination Press and Promotion Manager
Lea KuznickiLea Kuznicki
©Lea Kuznicki
Léa Kuznicki
MICE Promotional Assistant
Cyrielle BenicourtCyrielle Benicourt
©Cyrielle Benicourt
Cyrielle Benicourt
Tourism Promotion Assistant

Communication and Marketing

Claire BeaufromeClaire Beaufrome
©Claire Beaufrome
Claire Beaufromé
Communications and Marketing Director
Constance CastelainConstance Castelain
©Constance Castelain
Constance Beernaert-Castelain
Brand Manager and Graphic Studio
Cyril CzaudernaCyril Czauderna
©Cyril Czauderna
Cyril Czauderna
Partnerships & Ambassadors Manager
Claire PouchainClaire Pouchain
©Claire Pouchain
Claire Pouchain
Digital Project Manager
Pauline LeroyPauline Leroy
©Pauline Leroy
Pauline Leroy
Social Media Manager
Benedicte DouchetBenedicte Douchet
©Benedicte Douchet
Bénédicte Douchet
Ambassador Mission Manager
Lucas Sabathie Lucas Sabathie
©Lucas Sabathie
Lucas Sabathié
Graphic designer
Arthur GuinetArthur Guinet
©Arthur Guinet
Arthur Guinet
Graphic designer
Laurent JavoyLaurent Javoy
©Laurent Javoy
Laurent Javoy
Assistant communications manager