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Hello Lille Members

Hello Lille, the region’s brand! An invitation to come and visit the metropolis, invest or set up business here.

All with a smile!

Use of the Hello Lille brand and its codes is open to all players in the metropolitan area. Hello Lille lets you take advantage of the city’s appeal, and highlights your commitment as a member!

Being a member means contributing to the local influence of the European Metropolis of Lille.

 Our commitments to the Members' Club
Take advantage of networking with local players
Prominence on our communication materials - brochures and website
Supporting companies and talents in their development projects in the Lille area
Get together several times a year: invitations to breakfasts, afterworks...
Optimize your visibility via social networks (linkedin, facebook, instagram)
Take advantage of communication tools produced by the agency:

logos, videos, photos, print editions, kakemonos, goodies (subject to availability) and much more!

Take part in professional events

(trade shows, workshops, etc.) dedicated to your target clientele, in the events, business and/or leisure tourism markets at a preferential rate.

Keep up to date with the latest news from the agence d'attractivité and new developments in the region
Attend the agence d'attractivité general meeting

Our 2024 Members

Club Adhérents 2024 Hello Lille
Club Adhérents 2024 Hello Lille
Club Adhérents 2024 Hello Lille