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Our services Hello Lille, Lille Metropole's 360° attractiveness agency for growing businesses

Our mission

Facilitate and accelerate the establishment of foreign and French companies in the Lille metropolitan area.

Create new jobs, generate investment and enhance the attractiveness of our region.

We support companies from the initial decision to their establishment.

Our services

Market and ecosystem information
  • Provide macro and micro economic data on the identified sector,
  • Connecting professional associations, clusters, market research specialists…
  • Identify potential partners.
Administrative, tax, legal and financial
  • Provide information on starting a business in France,
  • Liaise with our expert partners: legal, fiscal and social,
  • Present projects to public and private financial partners.
Real estate
  • Comparison of real estate costs,
  • Selection of suitable real estate options presented by public and private partners,
  • Advice on choice of location, organization of selected real estate visits.
Communication and networks
  • Communicate your company’s establishment and development prospects,
  • Help investors integrate into local networks: trade associations, clusters, universities, the Hello Lille community, etc.
Human resources
  • Provide data on salaries and employment trends,
  • Set up a recruitment strategy with our public and private partners,
  • Organize the relocation of your employees,
  • Connect with training providers.