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European Retail Valley

Europe’s largest consumer region, with 80 million inhabitants within a 300 km radius, Lille is internationally recognized as the cradle of European retailing.

European Retail Valley 

As France’s largest metropolis outside Paris, Lille boasts Europe’s highest density of retail and e-commerce headquarters per km². From Lille, retailers such as Auchan, Decathlon and La Redoute employ over 500,000 people worldwide! A sector in which resilience and innovation have always gone hand in hand.

From transport infrastructures and logistics players to service providers and talent-supplying schools, the entire value chain is present within a 30km radius. A complete ecosystem to support your development.

Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, La Redoute, etc... 

France’s biggest retailers were born here and run their international operations from here. A few years ago, the biggest players in distance selling and e-commerce joined them.

Tomorrow, why not you?

Innovation as a lever for development 

EuraTechnologies in Roubaix, the world’s leading e-commerce center of excellence, is the business hub of tomorrow. Housed in the 15,000m² Blanchemaille building, EuraTechnologies in Roubaix supports start-ups and digital companies specializing in digital commerce, retail and real estate technologies. At its heart is a Prop Tech incubator (real estate technologies), a business hotel, a marketing research laboratory and a training center, all 100% dedicated to e-commerce.

The retail revolution is undeniably underway, and EuraTechnologies in Roubaix gives you the means to accelerate your transformation.

Picto Hello Lille Clique

Lille metropole, the European cradle of e-commerce, brings together all the players in the retail ecosystem within a 30km radius.

Picto Hello Lille Groupe

A deep-rooted, skilled labor pool with 74,000 employees in metropolitan France and 500,000 worldwide, drawn from local retailers

Picto Hello Lille Store

No. 2 in France for the number of training courses dedicated to e-commerce (sc Dirrecte)

Picto Hello Lille Euro Main Verte

Back office labor costs 20% lower on average than in Paris (sc EY)

Picto Hello Lille Medaille

Lille is French Tech certification, a guarantee of the ecosystem’s attractiveness and competitiveness

Why Choose Lille?

Lille Metropole, Europe’s cradle of e-commerce, is home to all the key players in the retail ecosystem, within a 30km radius.

Home to some of the world’s leading industrial and retail groups Groupe Auchan, Décathlon, OVHCloud, Lesaffre, Roquette, La Redoute, Leroy Merlin, etc.

80 company headquarters with 500+ employees (source: CCI Grand Lille)

EuraTechnologies, dedicated to digital innovation, a pillar of French Tech, Europe’s 1st start-up incubator, including BlancheMaille by Euratech : 1st site of excellence for e-commerce and retail tech.

PICOMby Cap Digital is the retail cluster: it brings together 120 innovative structures in the commerce, distribution and retail sectors: major retailers, start-ups, SMEs and research laboratories.