Imaginarium building at the Plaine Image in the Union district.Imaginarium building at the Plaine Image in the Union district.
©Imaginarium building at the Plaine Image in the Union district.|Pascaline Chombart - MEL
Inauguration of the Play Again exhibition at ImaginariumInauguration of the Play Again exhibition at Imaginarium
©Inauguration of the Play Again exhibition at Imaginarium|Pascaline Chombart - MEL
Le Fresnoy Mathieu LassalleLe Fresnoy Mathieu Lassalle
©Le Fresnoy Mathieu Lassalle|LASSALLE Mathieu - Hello Lille

Lille, metropolis in the spotlight!

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Lille is strategically located 30 minutes from Brussels, 1 hour from Paris and 1h20 from London, some of the most dynamic capitals in the European imaging industry.
A major advantage for promoting cross-border cooperation and attracting international talent!

Beyond Lille, the entire Hauts-de-France region is striving to become a global benchmark for audiovisual creation. This ambition is backed by political support, reflected in the public funding system for animated creation. Since 2017, Pictanovo, a regional center of excellence serving the film and audiovisual industries, has benefited from a reinforced budget of nearly 3 million euros. Aid for short films, writing and development or production, you’ll find here the means to grow and join the front of the stage!

To anticipate the growing demand from local players, the Lille metropolitan area has created a number of specialized schools, such as ArtFX, Piktura and ESAAT. This is an ideal environment for attracting talent, who find in the Lille area a dense cultural offering, a young and festive lifestyle, and economic and real estate costs that are more affordable than those of major French and European metropolises. An advantageous equation well understood by those who have long chosen Lille, such as Ankama, Cyber Group Studio, Tchack and Madlab Animations.

Further proof of the industry’s structuring and growing attractiveness, since 2018 Lille has hosted SERIES MANIA, THE International Series Festival, which has brought Uma Thurman, Freddie Highmore, Julianna Marguiles and director Shane Meadow to the North.
Creative industry players, production and animation studios and schools, the future of animation lies in collaboration and co-productions, and Lille métropole is rolling out the red carpet for you!

Why choose Lille?

  • 15% of French animation is produced in the Hauts-de-France region (sc CCI Hauts-de-France)
  • World-renowned schools such asArtFX and Piktura to meet the growing demand from industry professionals
  • Noranim: a regional trade association bringing together producers, institutions and independents working to promote animated films.
  • 2.8 million euros: the annual budget of Pictanovo, the regional association supporting audiovisual and cinematographic creation.
  • Plaine Images: the site of excellence dedicated to cultural and creative industries
Plaine Image Logo


A veritable European hub for the creative industries, Plaine Images is located in the heart of the Union zone between Roubaix, Tourcoing and Wattrelos, in an eco-neighborhood of over 80ha. This remarkably restored former industrial plant is home to 140 image companies, 4 schools, 1,800 employees and 2 research centers! An exceptional environment, dedicated to imagination and the creation of art and value.
Incubation and acceleration programs run by experts in economic development will help you hatch your idea, and then move from creation to success. Finally, Plaine Images organizes over 200 events a year in France and abroad to give your project visibility, and connect you with key partners.

A pool of professionals highly qualified

The density of the employment pool has always been a major challenge for players in the Images industry. To meet this challenge, the city of Lille has focused its efforts on attracting specialized schools to meet the growing demand:



  • the Art & Design school of the Catholic University of Lille, specializing in 2D, 3D and video games

Le Fresnoy

  • Studio National des Arts Contemporains trains high-level audiovisual artists


  • The École supérieure des arts appliqués et du textile, a public institution listed as one of France's 7 grandes écoles d'arts appliqués by the French Ministry of Education.


  • in the Top 10 of the world's best creative schools. The 18,000m² campus, including 6,000m² dedicated to film, animation and special effects, opened its doors at the start of the 2023 academic year. A second school, dedicated to film training, will follow shortly. Today, no fewer than 1,000 ArtFX students are setting out to conquer the national and international scene!
Gilbert KinerGilbert Kiner
©Gilbert Kiner

I quickly sensed a real desire to spearhead the region’s digital industry and support this already mature ecosystem. Lille’s international positioning at the crossroads of Northern Europe’s major capitals, yet only 1 hour from Paris, also makes for a very interesting intercultural dynamic.
Finally, I wanted a city of culture that offered a living environment conducive to the development of my students, and that’s what I’ve found here. The Lille metropolitan area is a totally appropriate destination for us to set up in, and I’m looking forward to our opening soon.

Gilbert Kiner, President and Founder of ArtFX