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I study in the Lille area

Studying in Lille A patchwork of opportunities in a warm atmosphere

Feel the fresh breeze, the palpable energy of a city that beats to the rhythm of life in every neighborhood…

Welcome to Lille, a metropolis where 1.2 million vibrant souls create a unique atmosphere. Seen from above, Lille reveals itself as a mosaic of landscapes, a colorful canvas of green, blue, gray and chalk, with touches of brick red winding through the streets and houses, as warm as the locals.

As you can see, Lille’s student adventure goes far beyond the classroom. It’s a plunge into the heart of a dynamic culture, where renowned universities are just the starting point. Discover the city’s hidden treasures and embark on a student life full of surprises, for a short break… or longer.

Etudier à Lille
Etudier à Lille
Etudier à Lille
 Under the skies of Lille, excellence unfurls its thread

France’s second-largest university metropolis (outside Paris), the capital of Flanders is home to 125,000 students in prestigious establishments.

The University of Lille, home to such renowned schools as ESJ (École Supérieure de Journalisme), the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Lille) and the University Institute of Technology (IUT), as well as the Catholic University of Lille, with institutions such as ICAM, EDHEC and Piktura, are major contributors to this reputation.

Special effects enthusiasts will have the chance to explore ARTFX, the school specialized in special effects, offering an immersive educational experience to those who discover it.

 Schools in the spotlight

– The University of Lille, with 80,000 students spread over 6 campuses in 29 locations, brings together fields of excellence such as the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT), Polytech Lille, the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille, and many others.

– In terms of research, the University of Lille boasts 64 research units, 50 research platforms, 7 doctoral schools and 2,100 doctoral students. Ranked 301-400 out of 2,714 institutions in the Shanghai 2023 ranking (worldwide), it proudly occupies the 13-16 position at national level.

– The Université Catholique de Lille, founded in 1875, opens its doors to 40,000 students thirsting for knowledge. Explore exciting areas of excellence such as ESPOL, JUNIA, ISTC, ESSLIL, and Piktura. Immerse yourself in a rich educational history that illuminates the present and prepares for the future.

Lille is also home to some unique specialized schools. Discover ArtFX, where cinema and video games come creatively to life. Explore the Series Mania Institute, an incubator dedicated to TV series. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ESMOD, France’s leading fashion school, shaping the future of fashion with boldness and style.

I chose to study in Lille because of the quality of teaching, the unique program and the experience I was going to gain.
The city welcomes many students from other regions of France and from the 4 corners of the world. It’s easy to make friends.

Aseel Madi, M1 Sciences & Technology, University of Lille

Discover a place where knowledge flourishes without limits, with 11,000 international students from 152 countries. Join this dynamic energy where every student contributes to this chain of knowledge and sharing, forming a cultural mosaic driven by a shared passion for learning.

 In figures

125,000 students

(Source: MESRI)

11% international students

(Source: ADULM)

France's 3rd-largest university metropolis

(Source: ADULM)

 The city of all possibilities

When you choose Lille for your studies, you’re opting for much more than just a degree.
It’s an invitation to a complete experience where education flirts with cultural and social life. Explore the lively streets, learn from the enriching diversity, and be inspired by the constant effervescence of this metropolis.
Whether for a short time or a lifetime, it’s up to you to choose how your Lille adventure comes to life!

 Institutes and schools

Universite De LilleUniversite De Lille
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Universite Cathotholique De LilleUniversite Cathotholique De Lille
©Universite Cathotholique De Lille
Espol SchoolEspol School
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Science PoScience Po
©Science Po
Esmod LilleEsmod Lille
©Esmod Lille
Serie ManiaSerie Mania
©Serie Mania