Mesa Lille

  • Restaurant
  • Gastronomic cuisine
612 Rue de la Chaude Rivière 59800 Lille
A veritable bubble of greenery in the heart of Lille?s business district, the restaurant offers colorful, lively sharing tables that vibrate with you, inviting you on the most beautiful of journeys, both gustatory and visual.

Mesa's desire is to offer a cuisine that knows no boundaries, evoking memories of travel, dishes that can only be tasted once and found nowhere else.

When the weather's fine, we offer our customers the chance to take to the skies, with a rooftop perched on the 9th...
Espace Vesuvio115-
Espace Bo-Kaap181015
Espace Chamba212535
Espace Zendö232540
Espace Carbet3732-
Espace Tamarin3832-
Espace Majorelle24640-
200 place setting
150 Dining tables outside
Mesa Lille
612 Rue de la Chaude Rivière 59800 Lille
  • Public transport : Métro Gare Lille Flandre (10 min à pied)
  • Public transport : Métro Gare Lille Europe (11 min à pied)
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