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Start-up Tier Mobility chooses Roubaix for its first location in the Hauts-de-France region!

Founded in 2018 in Berlin by three entrepreneurs, start-up Tier Mobility is continuing its conquest of European cities by deploying its fleet of electric scooters and bikes in Roubaix. Since September 17, 2021, the city has been the first in the Hauts-de-France region to welcome this new mobility service, as well as its maintenance center, which has led to the creation of around 15 jobs.

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Safer, more convenient, greener modes of transport 

A European leader with a presence in 16 countries and over 140 cities, Tier Mobility is also number one in France, with seven territories already conquered, including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Grenoble. The start-up offers easily accessible and affordable mobility services thanks to its fleet of electric scooters, bikes and scooters. And there’s no question of going it alone! At Tier, we always work in collaboration with public and private organizations to adapt to the specific needs of each city.

In concrete terms, Tier Mobility means a fleet of electric vehicles, as well as an application that users download onto their smartphone to locate and unlock the nearest vehicle.

On a day-to-day basis, the vehicles are parked in compulsory parking zones, strategically placed to enable interconnection with public transport. With Tier, it’s impossible to abandon your scooter in the street, as is the case with other operators. The user is obliged to park in one of the zones, at the risk of continuing to pay the fare (15 cents per minute).

The company’s aim is twofold: to remain practical, by offering a service that is affordable, reliable and sustainable over time; and to be ecological, by reducing the use of cars in cities and, by the same token, cutting air pollution. Carbon-neutral since 2020, the start-up’s warehouses are located as close as possible to city centers, so as to limit travel between parking areas and logistics hubs, using cargo bikes and vans, which are also electric.

But what sets Tier apart from its competitors is above all the reliability of its equipment. Renowned for their robustness, they have an average lifespan of 5 years. Tier is the only operator to integrate a folding helmet into its scooters, which are equipped with indicators, a dual braking system and all-terrain wheels, ideal for plying our cobbled streets.

It was this safer package for users that was the most important differentiating criterion for Roubaix town council.

1.5 million invested to network the city of Roubaix 

As is often the case when it comes to deploying a new mobility offer in a given area, it’s the town council that initiates the project. The city of Roubaix took advantage of the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) to launch a call for tenders for the deployment of a fleet of electric scooters and bicycles on its territory.

Operators then submitted their bids to the city council, which defined a number of essential criteria, such as user safety, social and environmental standards, and the quality of the offer and service from an operational point of view. 9 applications later, Tier Mobility was chosen.

The choice of locations depends on the wishes of the various regions. In Roubaix, for example, there’s an extensive network of cycle paths, and the town was ready to host the infrastructure needed for a service like ours. For each new location, we take into account the local issues, which sets us apart from our American competitors.

François-Xavier Giraud in charge of Roubaix deployment

With its large population and significant student population, the city has long been a target for the brand.

In Roubaix, a fleet of 500 scooters and 100 electric bikes has just been deployed. More than 200 parking zones are available throughout the city, with a very high density in the hypercentre. To enhance the safety of other users of public space, vehicles are limited to 20km/h on the road and 6km/h in pedestrian zones such as the Grand-Place. Some of the city’s green spaces, such as Parc Barbieux and the banks of the Canal de Roubaix, are off-limits.

Tier Mobility is also offering a special deal for Roubaix students, giving them 50 unblockings per term. This approach is in line with the company’s CSR policy and its desire to offer its services to those on the lowest incomes.

To manage its fleet, the company has set up its operations center in a downtown warehouse of around 800m2. This is where repairs, recharging, repatriation and any equipment deployment will be carried out. A dozen permanent jobs have been created for the launch of the business, and the start-up hopes to continue its development in our city and establish a long-term presence in Roubaix.

The city of Roubaix is extremely involved in the collaboration, and we exchange information daily on the progress of operations. It’s great to work with towns that are delighted to develop new activities. We hope it will continue for a long time.

François-Xavier Giraud

The Hello Lille touch 

The Invest team helped to establish contacts with local players and provide local knowledge.