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Podcast Story, stories from Tourcoing!

Sharing real stories through podcasts made in Tourcoing, that’s the promise of Podcast Story, a 100% free application founded by host and producer Sébastien Cauet. With his partner Jean Isnard and a whole team, the start-up, which already had 10,000 downloads in its first month of operation, will set up shop in December 2021 at Plaine Images in Tourcoing.

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Emotionally rich content accessible to all 

With more than one in 3 people listening to podcasts, they’ve become a medium in their own right, and one that’s becoming firmly entrenched in the habits of the French.

Podcast Story is a new podcast platform that takes care of everything: from creation to production and distribution. The 20-minute podcasts are intended for platforms such as Deezer and Spotify, but can also be specially created for large corporations.

The business model is based on advertising and brand content. To complete the offer, an ad-free “VIP” formula with additional content is even envisaged.

In terms of content, the promise is simple: real stories are told about famous, inspiring or frightening people who are in the news or who have left their mark on their era. To tell these stories, professional actors lend their voices to capture the listener and convey the emotions. Some of the most recognizable voice talents are Philippe Manœuvre, Bruno Solo and Jacques Pradel.

While some forty stories are already online on the app and on broadcast platforms, the company intends to keep up the pace by producing no fewer than twenty episodes a month. The key words: simplicity and emotion!

The Podcast Story team has set up its studio at Plaine Images, Europe’s hub for the creative industries, to design and create content and monitor its audience.

Heading for Tourcoing to set up shop at Plaine Images 

While the media industry has historically focused on the Paris region, Sébastien Cauet has decided to launch his new project in the Lille metropolis, to “create content in the regions and with regional talent”. And there are many reasons for this:

  • Easy access from Paris, essential for receiving guests who will be lending their voices.
  • The presence of specialized, qualified partners such as Ausha, a podcast distribution, communication and analysis platform, and BetterCallDave, which develops customized digital platforms.
  • A warm welcome and easy integration by all the players involved: the Finorpa investment fund, Plaine Images, Tourcoing Town Hall and the Hello Lille Attractiveness Agency.

For this project, Hello Lille’s Invest team was involved not only in the search for real estate, but also for financial partners. It was in this context that Podcast Story was introduced to technology service providers, and that the company also received support in recruiting its employees.

At La Plaine Images, the Podcast Story team benefits from a modern infrastructure, offering a flexible service to a community of 1,800 players. The ideal setting for creating new stories and generating great ideas!

The Hello Lille touch 

The Invest team helped with property selection and visits, introductions to the local ecosystem, recruitment assistance and the search for financing.