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Lille's hypercentre, a new stage for the Meilleurtaux Group

Helping consumers regain control over their credit, insurance, investments and day-to-day expenses has been the promise of the Meilleurtaux Group for over two decades.

No. 1 in the WelcomeToTheJungle ranking of companies with 250 to 2,000 employees that are recruiting, Meilleurtaux has chosen Lille’s hypercentre as the location for its new telephone platform. Good news for the area, with dozens of jobs to be created by 2023!

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1st marketplace for financial services in France 

Since 1999, the Meilleurtaux group has been helping individuals to realize their financial projects. Historically specialized in mortgages, the company has diversified over the years and now offers all types of financial products, from insurance to investments.

In all, Meilleurtaux represents an ecosystem of over 360 branches, 2,000 financial advisors, local partners close to customers and no fewer than 35,000 projects financed by 2021.

Until the beginning of 2022, the group’s employees were divided between two sites, in Paris and Le Havre. The capital was home to support functions (marketing, IT, legal, HR and sales), while Le Havre was home to a platform dedicated to mortgages and loan insurance.

The Meilleurtaux group now has a third entity in the heart of Lille.

Lille, a choice of heart and reason 

As in Le Havre, the aim of this move to Lille was to open a new telephone platform. The choice of the metropolis was above all a choice of heart for the group’s CEO, Guillaume Autier, originally from the north of France. And there’s more:

  • The metropolis’ strategic location, 1 hour from Paris by TGV.
  • An attractive job pool, ideal for the company’s recruitment needs
  • The presence of major head offices
  • The presence of several Group subsidiaries in Lille

Meilleurtaux Assurances is one of the Group’s subsidiaries already present in France, with 34 employees working every day on Place Rihour. So it’s only logical that the Group’s new platform should join its Insurance entity on its premises! For Malvina Boone, the company’s HR Business Partner, the Lille location greatly facilitates exchanges:

We have set up Meilleurtaux in Lille in the same building as our subsidiary Meilleurtaux Assurances. This creates synergies between the teams and reinforces the Group’s dynamic.

For its Lille site, Meilleurtaux plans to recruit financial advisors and a training coach in the first half of 2023. On arrival, each new recruit will receive a month’s training on the products on offer and the commercial and legal aspects of the job.

By the end of 2023, around fifty employees will be working at the Lille site.

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The Invest team was involved in the presentation of the finance and customer relations ecosystem, as well as in the recruitment of financial advisors and managers in the Lille area.