Kim SimonssonKim Simonsson
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Kim Simonsson, the Finnish sculptor who will transform Rue Faidherbe during Utopia

As with every edition of lille3000, rue Faidherbe will be transformed, and this year Finnish artist Kim Simonsson has been commissioned to create Utopia.


Kim Simonsson, could you introduce yourself?

Hello. I’m a Finnish sculptor. I live in Fiskars, a picturesque village in southern Finland. I’m famous for my ceramic sculptures of children covered in green. They seem to be covered in moss, as in Finnish forest tales. I call them “Moss People”.

What did you like about the Utopia project?

This project gave me the opportunity to make my dream come true by creating a large-scale version of the Moss People. At first, I didn’t believe Lille3000 could pull it off, but they finally proved me wrong.

How did you work with the Ateliers Saint-Roch in Marquette, where the Moss People were assembled?

The collaboration was a harmonious one. Last summer, I made the models for the sculptures. They were then sent to Ateliers Saint-Roch, who did the rest. They succeeded in creating my characters to look exactly as I had hoped. It’s really incredible!

Have you had a chance to visit Lille and the surrounding area?

I visited Lille three times during the project. I’d never been there before and was very surprised by the city. It’s a mix of beautiful classic French city with ultra-modern avant-garde architecture.
And the food is excellent, with a special mention for Meert!

Utopia, the 6th edition of lille3000, runs from May 14 to October 2 in Lille and the surrounding area. Find the full program on the official lille3000 website.