Avant Skincare Active Regeneration and Anti-Pollution Toner with Mandelic AcidAvant Skincare Mandelic Acid Anti-Pollution and Regeneration Proactive Toner
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In the face of Brexit, British company Avant Skincare sets up a logistics hub in the Lille area

Since January 1, 2021, Brexit has been disrupting the organization of many British companies. This is notably the case for Avant Skincare, a natural beauty brand that decided to react quickly by setting up a new logistics hub in the Lille metropolis, facilitating the company’s relations with the rest of the post-Brexit world.

Avant SkincareAvant Skincare
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Avant Skincare: everything for the skin 

Avant Skincare markets cosmetics based on active ingredients. Its name symbolizes a return to nature, to the essentials, while making use of today’s technological advances. If there’s one quality that characterizes the English brand, it’s anticipation! Anticipating consumer expectations, launching a range of 100% natural products in 2016, when this segment represented just 3% of the global cosmetics market. This avant-garde approach, developed in London, has now led to the brand being distributed in the UK, the USA, Europe and China.

Anticipating the needs of all skin types, working with scientists around the world to find the best ingredients using the latest scientific advances. Avant Skincare was voted “Best Cosmeceuticals Luxury Skincare Brand 2020” by the Global Health & Pharma platform.

Anticipating societal trends, by proposing from the outset the innovative concept of “skincare-to-share™️” where each product focuses solely on the needs of the skin and can be used by everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

This forward-thinking approach is also embodied in the packaging, which is both aesthetically pleasing and, above all, useful. The label on each product details the active ingredients used and associates each product with a real beauty ritual. Finally, logistically, by anticipating the consequences of Brexit and the end of the transition period, on its organization and distribution.

Post-Brexit development: "Keep calm and carry on!" 

January 1, 2021 marked a turning point in trade between UK companies and the European Union. By leaving the customs union and the common market, the British have permanently exited the EU, and the changes implied by the Brexit (travel, work, trade) are numerous. It is now much more complex to export products from England to other European countries (red tape, import licenses…).

It was against this backdrop that Avant Skincare decided to open a 1500 m2 logistics site in the Lille area, to store, sell and ship its products internationally. A logical choice, given the city’s location at the heart of Europe and its accessibility to countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, as well as the attachment of the brand’s Head of Marketing, who grew up in… Wattrelos! A true choice of heart and reason!

A dozen employees have been recruited to work on the French site, and others will be recruited as the brand develops, in line with its strategy. In addition to the administrative and logistical relief this location brings, there’s another advantage: Avant Skincare can deliver to its French customers the very next day, making it even more competitive. France is a key market for the brand: it’s their 4th largest market worldwide, with rapid growth and distribution partners such as Nocibé, La Redoute and Douglas. At the same time, products can be found online and are also making their way into beauty salons and parapharmacies.

Avant Skincare has big plans for the future: with sales tripling every year, a website that will be translated into 17 languages within a few weeks, and financial independence, the brand aims to compete with the biggest names in the cosmetics market.

And with its sense of anticipation, there’s little doubt about its success… ahead!

The Hello Lille touch 

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