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Finland's Mysoda chooses Comines to set up in France!

To save over 1,000 plastic bottles in 3 years: that’s the challenge that the Finnish company Mysoda is about to propose to French consumers. Very much in vogue in Northern Europe and Germany, carbonation machines are establishing themselves as practical, environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional soft drinks. The town of Comines has been abuzz with excitement since the company decided to set up its French production site here.


A French presence that rhymes with eco-responsibility and the local economy 

Mysoda has three major commitments:

  • To cut down no trees to produce its machines,
  • To travel as few kilometers as possible to supply our customers,
  • Think locally to act globally.

To produce its equipment, Mysoda chooses a sustainable alternative to gasification machines traditionally made from fossil-based plastic. How do we do it? By developing the first small household appliance made from almost 100% renewable bio-composite material. The material was developed in partnership with UPM, a Finnish bio-industrial company with its roots in forestry. It is composed of two totally renewable materials: polypropylene (made from tall oil) and wood fibers. As both raw materials are by-products of sawmills and paper mills, they do not require the felling of additional trees.

Present in many European countries, the brand has chosen Comines to supply the French and Belgian markets, which are increasingly consuming locally, with the same leitmotiv: to minimize its ecological impact and support the local economy.

From Helsinki to Comines, a 3-stage project 

Step 1: set up a production site in France.

To set up in France, Mysoda began by looking for a warehouse that would enable it to open a filling, assembly and distribution unit, with three identified prerequisites:

  • A warehouse large enough to keep pace with the company’s growth, with the option of installing a CO2 tank alongside the building.
  • To be close to main roads for easy distribution in France and Belgium.
  • Close to the Belgian border, to facilitate travel for the French plant manager, who lives in Belgium.
    After a dozen visits, the choice fell on a 1,000m2 warehouse in Comines.

Step 2: support the local economy.

For Mysoda, working with local partners is essential. To produce its flavors, the brand chose Maison Guiot of the Monin group, based in Valenciennes. This French production enables it to offer flavors adapted to local consumers.

As for the CO2 cylinders, they are filled at the Comines site with French CO2 from partner Air Liquide, 100% derived from wind and solar energy.

Producing locally also means working with neighbors! Mysoda buys its pallets from Ecopal and its packaging from FDR Emballages, both based in Comines. And when it comes to recruitment, all employees live less than 15km from the site.

Step 3: Cover the territory

Mysoda has just signed up several major retailers in France, including Géant Casino and E.Leclerc. Since the summer of 2021, the products can be found in 2,000 points of sale in France and even online, and since June around twenty employees have been recruited at the Comines site.

The Hello Lille touch 

After being put in touch by our partner Nord France Invest, the Invest team provided technical and real estate support, as well as an introduction to the Lille ecosystem.