Ashe chooses Villeneuve d'Ascq for its first facility in the Hauts-de-France region!

With the development of telecommuting, demand for videoconferencing and collaboration solutions has exploded in recent months. Businesses are going digital, as are schools and universities, which are looking to dematerialize courses to enable students to follow them remotely.

Founded just before the health crisis, Ashe and its audiovisual solutions are perfectly in tune with these developments. Backed by the 18 years’ experience of its founder Nicolas Fougues, Ashe is continuing its expansion in France with a new site in the Lille area.

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Ashe, over 18 years of expertise in multimedia and audiovisual solutions. 

Ashe integrates audiovisual solutions for schools, businesses and points of sale: interactive digital screens for classrooms, digital signage screens in stores, and videoconferencing and PA equipment for businesses… Founded in January 2020 by Nicolas Fougues, the company has seen its business explode with the development of distance learning, particularly to equip schools and businesses.

More surprisingly, Ashe is also modernizing the sound systems of places of worship, and is facing growing demand for streaming equipment, notably to broadcast live masses on social networks!

Bérengère Honoré is in charge of sales and marketing for Ashe’s Northern France branch, developing the company’s reputation and business in the Hauts-de-France region.

It’s a company on a human scale where we’re all in the same frame of mind. There’s very good communication between the Paris and Lille teams. I chose to join the company for its benevolence and for the fundamental values that guide us every day: mutual aid, listening, responsiveness, all with an eco-responsible dimension.

Bérengère Honoré, Sales Manager, Northern France office

Indeed, in terms of sustainability, Ashe does not hesitate to multiply its actions, with a particular focus on reducing its CO2 emissions, by optimizing its delivery schedules, for example.

Ashe is also passionate about customer service, with a human approach focused on advice and support.

With a presence in the Île de France, Normandy and Champagne Ardennes regions via its Paris branch, the Hauts-de-France was quickly identified as a growth market for Ashe’s activities, with the presence of numerous head offices and retail players.

But it was under the impetus of the Le Cedre buying group that the Ashe team decided to take the plunge! This group offers its members a directory of hand-picked, trustworthy companies. Listed in the “audiovisual” category, Ashe has received numerous requests from companies based in the Hauts-de-France region.

A new site in Villeneuve d'Ascq to conquer the entire Hauts-de-France region! 

We were starting from scratch, and we had to build everything up: create our address book in the region, find premises, recruit… I didn’t hesitate to use Linkedin to ask for help, and it was in this context that I was able to contact the Hello Lille team to help me set up my business.

Bérengère Honoré

The criteria were precise:

  • Office space for a growing team of talents
  • A ground-floor storage/workshop area to facilitate deliveries of heavy equipment
  • A truck unloading area with easy access
  • The possibility of having a showroom to enable customers to test the equipment.

The choice of Villeneuve d’Ascq was quickly obvious for several reasons.

Firstly, for its central location in the Hauts de France region, its easy access to major roads and public transport.

It was also a practical choice, as the premises, located in the La Plaine business park near Haute Borne, matched their criteria in every respect.

And last but not least, Bérengère herself is originally from the Lille area.

The now three employees of the Villeneuve branch are continuing to develop Ashe, with a number of exciting projects in the pipeline: “We have established a partnership with Ramsay for its private hospitals and clinics in the metropolitan area. We’ve also signed a contract with ESTICE, an international business school in Lille, and we’ve just joined Leroy Merlin. We work a lot with schools and town halls in the region to equip municipal buildings or even council chambers for live webcasting. We’re in a very competitive sector, but I’m convinced that there’s room for everyone, as there are so many projects to be carried out”.

To multiply the opportunities for the Lille office, Bérengère doesn’t hesitate to respond to various calls for tender: “We’re very proud to have already won several calls for tender, despite our recent arrival on the market. Even when we don’t win, we get a lot out of it, both in terms of reputation and personal enrichment!

With the ” stimulus plan for a digital base in elementary schools ” that the French government introduced last year, the Ashe team is in great demand from elementary school principals and local authorities. In its 9 months of existence, the company has already equipped more than fifteen schools in the Hauts-de-France region, from the Valenciennois to the Lille Metropole, via the Côte d’Opale and the Somme.

In 2022, the team hopes to continue in this direction, but also to develop the corporate side of the business.

A technician should be recruited within the year at the Villeneuve d’Ascq site to work alongside the current technician. The rest will depend on development, but one thing is certain: Ashe ‘s business has a bright future ahead of it!

The Hello Lille touch 

The Invest team accelerated networking with the local ecosystem.