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 Studying in Lille: an adventure of excellence in the heart of the metropolis

Welcome to Lille Metropole, a playground where the student experience is boldly embraced. Vibrant, exuberant, welcoming and resolutely international in outlook, the city has its own distinctive “way of Lille”.

Living and studying here means immersing yourself in a setting of excellence that combines academic quality, cultural richness and lively nightlife. Whether you’re a French or international student, this article will give you the tools you need to explore every facet of Lille’s adventure. Here, we take the time to live, to discover, to marvel, to delight. Keep your eyes peeled for discoveries around every corner!

 A metropolis of great assets

With its dynamic cultural mix and rich past, exploring this territory reveals a fusion of historic architecture and innovative concepts.

A gastronomic city par excellence, it offers a wide range of culinary experiences. This city on a human scale offers a unique experience, combining the charm of a small town with the excitement of a large metropolis. Only an hour from the sea, the area also offers a multitude of parks and gardens to meet up in, canals to navigate and bike paths to explore, offering a thousand facets to discover.

There are many capitals within easy reach. I was told that Lille is a rainy city. But there’s plenty of sunshine

Hern Kang Yap, ESPOL

 Getting the right tools on arrival

Campus France, a major player in the field of education, stands as a fortress of information under the supervision of the Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This national agency becomes your ally in your project to study in France, facilitating your administrative procedures and offering you personalized support.

To make the most of this adventure, make the most of the Lille Box: a platform designed by the University of Lille to simplify your daily life. Find your way around campus, find accommodation, discover the best student deals – the Lille Box is your best friend.

 A rich heritage to discover

More history…

Lille boasts a varied heritage, from historic landmarks such as the Hôtel de Ville belfry, a symbol of freedom for the communes of the Nord region, or the Citadelle, the city’s largest green space, to modern cultural sites such as the Villa Cavrois. History buffs will be delighted by Roubaix’s rehabilitated industrial heritage and Unesco-listed First World War memorial sites.

Lille’s history can be read in its streets. It’s a city that has kept its history alive.

Camille Soya Emane, student at HEI - Junia

More culture…

Street art colors the walls of the metropolis, offering routes of discovery through the works. Take a trip to the Maison Folie de Wazemmes, a former textile factory converted into an artistic hub, with a bold program of shows, exhibitions and events, creating a cultural hub in the heart of the district…

Also worth a visit is Gare Saint Sauveur, a former railway station that regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts and artistic events. Venture into these cultural landmarks and you’re guaranteed an immersive and festive experience!

Nature lovers…

Explore the natural heritage of the city’s parks, the banks of the Deûle and the natural areas of the Lille European Metropolis. With its 1,300 hectares of natural spaces and its network of waterways lined with towpaths, this area offers walking, cycling, boating and even tramway escapades, real slow tourism experiences to discover the bucolic corners of the region.


From quaint estaminets to the hearty delights of street food, Lille’s chefs weave a tasty and generous gastronomic web that’s sure to satisfy every craving, from the faintly hungry to the voraciously hungry. Immerse yourself in the world of unmissable food courts such as Grand Scène, la Friche Gourmande and Kitchen Market. In October, Lille is transformed into a culinary paradise when it hosts the Lille Street Food Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating gastronomic diversity and creativity… Let yourself be carried away by this gustatory epic that makes Lille a leading gourmet destination.

Explore the very essence of Lille with its local emblem, beer, under the label Héritage Bière de la Métropole Européenne de Lille. Let us guide you through breweries steeped in tradition, feast on typical beers and immerse yourself in the brewing culture of the North. A must-see adventure for hop lovers, with the option of taking part in guided tours to enhance your experience.

 The way of Lille: from sunrise to sunset, an adventure well worth the detour

Lille is more than just a university destination.
Outside the classroom, you’ll find a vibrant cultural life.

9am: Head for campus

  • The day begins with a grand arrival in Lille, the metropolis that will become your academic playground.
    You're greeted with enthusiasm, guided and supported by experts from Campus France and Ulillebox, who propel you into the excitement of your new student life.
    From lecture halls to practice rooms, the city offers you a wide range of disciplines.
    Meet passionate teachers, exchange ideas with your fellow students and discover a whole new way of learning.

10:30 a.m.: Diving into culture and courses

  • Experience the adventure of the metropolis without having to go to third grade. Hop on a V'lille, tramway or metro, all of which are both practical and environmentally friendly. With such a wide range of public transport options, you won't need a car to get around. Armed with the C'Art, your passport to culture, continue your morning by exploring the Manufacture, the Tripostal, the Natural History Museum and the artistic treasures of the Palais des Beaux-Arts. In Lille, every street corner is a lesson in history and art.

12:30 pm: A feast for the taste buds

  • Lille invites you to experience a daring gastronomic adventure.
    Discover the wealth of local culinary delights, and step through the doors of the estaminets for a timeless experience imbued with the warmth and conviviality of the region. Let yourself be enchanted by the sweetness of Flemish traditions and succumb to the charm of local beer, the pride of regional brewing.
    Extend your Lille experience by tantalizing your taste buds at the Meunier French fry shop, a veritable institution in the Nord region. And it's not just in the art of frites that the Nord region excels... For street-food aficionados, push open the doors of the local kebab shops to rediscover this French favorite in a unique and gourmet way. Every year, don't miss the not-to-be-missed distribution of the famous Chti, a guide to the best nightlife and nightlife spots in Greater Lille.

2pm: Bike ride near the Citadelle

  • Go for a bike ride along the trails bordering the Citadelle.
    Opt for a cycling getaway along the picturesque paths bordering the Citadelle. Soak up the natural surroundings, savor the fresh air and explore the natural charms of the route.
    Whether on foot, by bike, by boat or aboard the historic streetcar, it's by adopting a slow-tourism approach that you can truly appreciate the bucolic little corners that dot the region.

4pm: Shopping spree

  • Explore Lille in style!
    Your shopping trip starts right in the heart of Lille's effervescence. Switch from thrift shops to designer boutiques in Roubaix, then head off to the factory outlet stores to unearth new finds. Whether you're a fashionista or a lover of unique pieces, every store in Lille becomes a stylistic adventure.
    Finish your tour in style by strolling the narrow streets of Vieux-Lille, where elegance and the creations of the great couturiers are the order of the day.

6pm: Lille comes to life

  • The city of Lille will surprise you with its sparkling student nightlife.
    In a young, student atmosphere, the city is packed with bars and nightclubs ready to welcome you to party, meet new people and have fun. Immerse yourself in the effervescence of the festivals and vibrate to the rhythm of the concerts with an eclectic and rich musical offering: from the mellow notes of jazz to the electric chords of rock, via the rhythms of world music, Lille's music scene is a kaleidoscope of genres. In the evening, explore the lively districts of Vieux-Lille, Vauban and rue Solférino, offering a range of bars where you can sample local beers in the relaxed atmosphere of the many brasseries in the area.
    For a full immersion in Lille's local life, don't hesitate to visit the Maisons Folie de Wazemmes and Moulins!

There’s plenty to do here, from going out with friends in bars to visiting museums. There’s a wide variety on offer.

Indra Guthmann, ARTFX student

 Good student deals in Lille

Tools for visiting the metropolis

  • Enjoy museums all year round with La C’Art, your gateway to art and culture. This annual culture pass, priced at €20 for those under 26, opens the doors to 15 museums and art centers in the metropolis. Set off to discover the city’s artistic and cultural treasures, an invitation to explore the wealth of Lille’s heritage at your own pace.
  • Lille, a veritable artistic epicenter, resonates to the sound of international artists, dynamic festivals and lively theaters. Don’t miss a single highlight on the cultural scene, thanks to our winter and summer guides and our online calendar. Soak up the artistic effervescence that animates the city all year round and discover the cultural passion that beats at the heart of the city.
  • With the Atout Culture scheme, take advantage of special offers and rates for students to discover the city’s performing arts venues.
  • Take advantage of free registration for the Médiathèque online and access a variety of services 24 hours a day, wherever you are. Keep up to date with the latest press releases, feed your curiosity with our training platform, or schedule your next cinema viewing at home from our extensive video-on-demand catalog.